In September of 2013 we returned to several of the villages and discussed the results of our research and the decision-making exercises. We put together posters, slides and a handout which can be downloaded below.

We made several posters about our project. The first poster presents information about local cultural norms and subsistence practices.

The third poster provides information about the specific purposes for our research, what the different phases of our project were, and highlights results of the decision making exercises.

The fourth poster is the same as the third, except it is written in Russian.

The second poster discusses contemporary Yup'ik subsistence and the ethnographic methods used in our project.

Click here to download the handout we took out to each village. It discusses our project and some of the results.

Individual student projects can be found under the community specific tabs here.

Click here to download the handout that was distributed to each community in Kamchatka.